Our Maternity through Parenthood
All-in-one Digital Education Solution
Expecting Plus

​Maternity through Parenthood
All-in-one Digital Education
​Expecting Plus

Maternity through Parenthood Digital Education

Provide your patients educational content on their smart phone...anytime, anywhere, right at their fingertips. 

What is Expecting Plus

Our ExpectingPlus all-in-one resource takes your patients from the start of pregnancy through the first few months of caring for a baby and beyond. Plus, tools let parents track everything from contractions to breastfeeding. Content is written at a 6th grade level, making it a great fit for all of your patient population.  Branding and customization options are available to create a product unique to your healthcare system's requirements. Need additional topics? Let us know what you're looking for and we can discuss custom developments options  to meet your needs. 

Languages: English and Spanish
Versions: Available with or without Formula Education
Features: Search, Glossary, Video Modules Available

Formats: Web App, Baby News discharge book and A Little Early book

ExpectingPlus Topics Include


40-Weeks (by-the-week) Pregnancy Module

Labor and Birth

Newborn Care


Health and Safety

Late Preterm Care

Postpartum Care

Mental Health