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  • Written at a middle school reading level
  • 8.5" x 11", 92-page book
  • Front and back pocket folders
  • Paper: 70# gloss text with 80# cover, aqueous coated
  • QR codes launch a complete web app with more important maternity resources

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Preparing for Labor and Birth 
Book Bundle

Pregnancy is a time of many firsts, and it's important for expectant parents to believe in themselves, their knowledge, and their ability to actively participate in the labor and birth process. This book bundle shares what every expectant parent wants and needs to know. Preparing for Labor and Childbirth is a transformative immersion of book and interactive app that deepens expectant parents' understanding of pregnancy and childbirth and significantly enhances their health outcomes.

Features and Benefits

Discover the power of the bundle. It complements the client's experience with a feature-rich platform that's intuitive and user-friendly. The book and app together lets users:

  • choose their preferred learning style: book, app, or both. 
  • learn about pregnancy and childbirth in a way that improves comprehension and health outcomes.
  • get a daily mood boost with the Mindful Minute affirmation and relaxation tool.
  • monitor pregnancy progress effortlessly with advanced kick count and contractions tracking tools.

  • stay informed and engaged with Bump to Baby Weekly newsletters.
Educational Topics Include
Educational Topics Include

Chapter 1: Planning Your Birth Experience

Choosing a Birthing Location

Choosing a Birth Team

Labor Support Partner

Communication and Advocacy

Shared Decision-making

Using Your BRAIN

Prenatal Education

Birth Plans

My Birth Plan

Choosing a Healthcare Provider for Baby

Chapter 2: Having a Healthy Pregnancy

Prenatal Appointments

Third Trimester Appointments

High-risk Pregnancy

Common Discomforts

Healthy Choices

Pregnancy Mental Health

Pregnancy Warning Signs

Counting Baby’s Movements

Chapter 3: Understanding Labor

What is labor?

Birth Hormones

Will labor hurt?

How Your Body Prepares for Labor

Labor & Birth Vocabulary


Breaking of Waters and Bloody Show

What affects labor progress?

Comfort at Home

Going to the Hospital

Chapter 4: Comfort and Managing Pain

Understanding Pain

What are comfort measures?

Natural Childbirth

Focus on Your Environment

Back Labor




All About Breathing

Relaxation Techniques

Touch and Massage

Acupuncture and Acupressure



Sterile Water Injections

Chapter 5: The Labor Process

Vaginal Exams

Cervical Readiness

Dilation Stages



Stages of Labor

Chapter 6: Medical Interventions

Fetal Monitoring

IV Therapy

What is medical pain management?

Types of Medication

Narcotic Pain Medications

Nitrous Oxide

Epidural and Spinal Blocks

Local Anesthesia

General Anesthesia

Labor Induction and Augmentation

Assisted Vaginal Birth

Chapter 7: Possible Labor and Birth Complications

When Water Breaks Early



Group B Strep

Nuchal Cord

Prolonged Labor

Placental Abruption

Fetal Distress

Shoulder Dystocia

Blood Pressure Disorders

Gestational Diabetes

Postpartum Hemorrhage

Chapter 8: Cesarean Birth

Understanding Cesarean Birth

Reasons for a Cesarean

What to Expect During Cesarean Birth

Family-centered Cesarean

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Immediate Post-anesthesia Recovery

Postoperative Considerations and Care

Chapter 9: Care After Birth

Baby’s First Day

Your First Day

The Next Chapter

Postpartum Warning Signs 

Chapter 10: Resources (only available in eBook format)

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